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The magazine dedicated to glass, window and shuttings that decision makers read from A to Z.

Our concept is clear : with 3 thematic parts “glass”, “joinery” and “protections and shuttings”, our readers can be informed about their markets but also about the markets of their clients and suppliers.

Our readership : a very wide diffusion

The magazine Verre & Protections Mag is distributed every 2 months to more than 10 000 companies specialised in flat glass, aluminium, PVC and wood joinery, blinds, shutters, doors, in automations, distributed to architects, projects managers, machines manufacturers, software developers.
We also carry out mailings of rotating prospecting, so that each French company receives at least two publications in the year.
We have a file of 42 651 adresses (that corresponds to 96 % of French companies of our sectors) among which :
- Glass transformers and glass manufacturers: 9 974 adresses (96 % of the companies present in these sectors).
- PVC, aluminium, wood, steel and mixed joinery: 16 741 adresses (91% of the companies present in these sectors).
- Blinds, shutters, doors, garage doors, fences manufacturers: 12 236 adresses (93 % of the companies present in theses sectors).
- Architects and prescribers: 1 600 adresses.
- Miscellaneous (machines, chemical products, schools, federations, ministries, training centers, professional high schools, …): 2 100 adresses.

The most read magazine on social media… and on the Internet

Verre & Protections Mag has decided to focus, since several years, its presence on the Linkedin network.
Result: N°1 of all magazines of the sector as of September 1, 2023 with 21,950 subscribers and 11,143 subscribers to the showcase page of the magazine.
Daily responsiveness through sharing information and traffic that has a strong impact on our website. the ideal complement

Our website offers at least one article per day, and often more. Simple and clear, without frills or unwanted advertisements, it is the ideal complement to our magazine for nothing miss news from your sectors.
The statistics, which we are the only ones to publish, speak for themselves. According to Google Analytics, between September 1, 2022 and on October 1, 2023 we benefited from: 198,230 users, 276,450 sessions and 421,100 pages views.

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